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Playing Scandalous.
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Playing Scandalous is simple....You take a card with a term and a definition and then attempt to draw an illustration of the color blocked word.

Your goal is to get your team to say the word in the colored box within the allotted time. For instance, if the term is “Butt Floss” you need to figure out what to draw to get your team to say literally “Butt Floss.” Much hilarity ensues. We realize that some terms will be much easier than others, so different point values have been assigned. Green= easy (1 point) , yellow = medium (2 points), red = hard (3 points). Game ends at 20 points. Not all cards are words, some might be the “Lightening Round”- where you pick 5 cards and have 2 minutes to draw them to get your team to guess as many as possible!!

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Buy Scandalous!

You can also download a full PDF copy of the game by hitting the link below. Did we mention its free? Free is good.

Download Scandalous The Game

It is highly recommended that you take the PDF to a Kinko’s or similar business to get the game printed using 60lb card stock. Printing and cutting these cards at home can be a huge pain in the ass. You can always check back here in a few months (we’re expecting to have them ready by March 2016) and buy a shiny, professionally made copy.
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Game Rules

1) The “term” is what is in the color coded box at the top of the card. That is the word you need to get the guessers to say.

2) Green = easy= 1 point. Yellow= more difficult = 2 points. Red= really hard = 3 points.

3) The definition is just for the drawer so you can know what the crap an “Alabama Hot Pocket” is, unless you’re a dirty dirty pervert who already knows that stuff…

4) You have 60 seconds to accomplish this task. No we don’t provide a timer. Use your cell phone like the rest of the world.

5) If your team doesn’t guess correctly in 60 seconds, the other team has the opportunity to “steal.” They get One Consensus Guess. If they’re all shouting multiple guesses it is null and void and they don’t get nuthin.

6) No Writing words or numbers on the drawing, UNLESS your’e trying to get someone to say something like “Butt Pirate”, and they’ve already said “Butt”, then you can write that down.

7) Stealing is good for 1 point if they get it right.

8) You’re allowed to act. But no talking.

9) Lightning Round - This is where it gets interesting. You draw 5 cards, you have 2 minutes. You get one point per correctly guessed card (regardless of color). Of the 5 you drew you can pick which ones you want to draw and skip the hard ones…if you’re a little pussy. - Kicker- when one team draws a lightning round the other team gets one too! Oooohhh the drama!

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Having all your friends shout ridiculous things at you while your drawing is one of the best experiences you’ll have at a party. A personal favorite of ours was a player was drawing “Titty Twister", and someone on her team was shouting “Cyclone Tits!!! CYCLONE TITS!!”

Haaaahahahaha…..good times.

We all laugh behind our hands at such things as Rusty Trombone and Dirty Sanchez; giggling like 14 year olds finding their fathers’ porn stash, but now all those wonderfully taboo words are all in one place for us to read aloud and celebrate! No one likes to be at a party where everyone is standing awkwardly around, quietly making small talk and wishing they could leave. Scandalous is 45 minutes of unadulterated, NSFW fun that will make the party last into the wee hours of the morning!

The writers of this game had no idea such things even existed, much less how they would work (hypothetically.... but in real life...but hypothetically). Figuring out how to describe Pterodactyling, Viennese Oyster, and Alaskan Pipeline was an experience in and of itself. We strongly suggest reading the definition aloud to the group after the round is over so everyone can laugh over what in the world you were trying to draw!

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